4 Instances You Might Need the Help of Breakdown Towing Services


Even with timely repairs and routine maintenance services, cars may break down at the most inconvenient time. Vehicle troubles are a nightmare to anyone, especially if they occur in unfamiliar territory or during the dead hours of the night. Fortunately, breakdown towing services are readily available to help out distressed drivers in times of need. But when is it necessary to call a breakdown towing service for help? Here are four instances only a breakdown towing service can offload your car trouble burden and transport your car to safety.

8 April 2021

3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Towing Service When Your Car Breaks Down


Nothing is amusing about experiencing a vehicle break down in the middle of the highway, especially if you were headed for a meeting or other important event. If this happens to you, don't panic. All you need is to get out of the vehicle, evacuate other passengers and put the necessary hazard signals on the road to alert oncoming motorists about your broken down car. After taking these basic safety steps, the next step is looking for a reliable towing service to get your vehicle to the auto mechanic or other safe location.

24 August 2020

Three Things You Need To Do Straight After A Crash


Every day, millions of Australians get on the roads either as the driver of a vehicle or the passenger in one. Unfortunately, with so many people on the roads, it only makes sense that a small portion of them get into accidents on any given day. Due to this fraction being very small, no one ever expects it to be them so you don't often think about what you would do in that situation.

24 February 2020

Two Tips for Those Who Need to Have Their Construction Machinery Towed


If you own a piece of construction machinery (such as a skid steer loader or a backhoe loader, for example) that you need to have towed, you should follow the advice described below when you get in touch with the towing company that will be providing you with this service. Ask for a tipper trailer if the area where the equipment needs to be unloaded is enclosed and small When people use a towing service to transport their construction equipment, they will often opt for a flatbed trailer, the base of which is usually a few feet above the ground.

10 September 2019

Safety Tips for Tow Truck Drivers


A tow truck is a truck used to transport impounded or wrecked vehicles. If you are a tow truck driver, below are a few tips to ensure your safety and the safety of other motorists.  Tow truck maintenance.  Always observe the tow truck's service intervals to keep the engine in good condition. Driving a tow truck with worn out tires could lead to accidents as it could slip or skid while towing.

19 January 2019

Important Questions to Ask an Automotive Transport Service Before a Move


When you're moving across the state, or when you want to move an antique or custom vehicle any distance, it can be good to hire an automotive transport service. This type of company can handle the move of your vehicle safely and securely, so you don't need to worry about driving it a long distance, making a return trip after a move to pick up the vehicle, or damaging that antique or custom vehicle while it's in transit.

28 April 2017

Tips For Towing a Trailer


If you have a need to tow more boxes or equipment than what will fit in the back of your truck, using a trailer is a great idea. You can tow it behind your truck and avoid having to make multiple trips just to transport everything. Here are some tips to follow if this will be your first time towing a trailer. Check the Condition of the Hitch The very first thing you should do is check the condition of the hitch.

25 April 2017